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Aria Salon and Spa Cape Coral was established on June 17th, 2020, right in the middle of COVID! Despite the challenges faced we have persevered and have come out on top! We are a high end, full service salon that specializes in making you feel and look your best!


Amanda W Esthetician, Aria Cape Coral

Amanda W – Esthetician

About Amanda

Meet our esthetician, and salon coordinator/receptionist Amanda!

She’s a Portland Oregon transplant and can provide you with a relaxing facial, HydraFacial, wax, brows, lashes or retexturizing treatments!

What is your favorite service to do? A hydrafacial! You get to see the blackheads come out and all the dead skin collected at the end. It is so satisfying!

How is it juggling esthetics and being the salon coordinator? It’s the best! It makes the day go by so fast and keeps me on my toes and busy!

Best part of the job? My amazing clients that keep me fulfilled and my wonderful staff that keep my laughing and motivated!

Daniela S - Hair Stylist - Team Aria Cape Coral

Daniela S – Hair Stylist

About Daniela

Meet our most tenured (to Aria) stylist, Daniela!

She is a Florida local who specializes in pixie cuts and can rule a gray blending like no one else! She, as a curly girl herself, also specializes in curly cuts and knows how difficult it can be to find a good cut for coiled locks!

Daniela, what is your favorite haircut to do? My favorite cut is to do a layered cut, or a shag! They are so trendy right now!

What is your favorite product? I love the leaf and Flower Curl defining cream! It defines, it makes the hair soft, helps with frizz and it smells amazing!

What’s the best part about doing hair? The best part of doing hair is being one on one with someone, getting to know them and making them feel good about themselves!

Deb S - Hair Stylist - Team Aria

Deb S – Hair Stylist

About Deb

Meet our can do all stylist Deb!

She is originally from Minnesota and loves to do a fun shag or whip up a highlight! Deb is an experienced hairstylist and stays ahead of the trends. She can assist you with any hair need!

Deb, what service could you do all day long and never get bored of? Color! I could do any hair color all day! Especially foils! The end results are so satisfying to see!

What is the best part of living in Florida? The best part of living in Florida is meeting people from all over the country!

What is one thing you wish all clients knew? I wish all clients knew how important a good consultation is. It is the key to your dream hair and good communication is how we get there!

Eden - Hair Stylist - Team Aria Cape Coral

Eden – Hair Stylist

About Eden

Meet Eden! She’s a hair stylist from Connecticut and moved down to Florida to soak up the sun!

She specializes in fantasy colors and blondes! If pink, blue, red or any fun color is your niche; she is your go to girl!

Eden, what has been the most fun color to do? My favorite color to do is pink! I love how pink hair looks!

Highlights or balayage? Highlights are my preference

Best part of living in Florida? The weather! I love getting up in the morning and going out to my not at all frozen car. I also love the wide variety of year round activities like fishing and sailing.

Julia N - Hair Stylist - Blonding Specialist - Team Aria

Julia N – Hair Stylist

About Julia

Meet our blonding specialist Julia!

She’s a New York trained stylist turned Cape Coral local! Julia loves to turn any head of hair into a balayaged masterpiece. Whether It’s a cut, color, or high light; She’s got you covered!

Julia, do you have any hobbies? Yes! I love to crochet! I learned to crochet while I was expecting my daughter, I’ve learned how to make her dresses, stuffed animals, and blankets. When I’m not crocheting, I am with my daughter at mommy and me swim lessons!

Yourself in one word? Mom

Favorite service to do? I absolutely LOVE to do Special Occasion Updo’s

Angela T- Hair Stylist, Nail Technician - Team Aria Cape Coral

Angela T – Hair Stylist | Nail Tech

About Angela

Meet our multi-talented nail tech and hair stylist Angela!

She can give you a perfected full set of sculped acrylic nails that will not budge in just one hour and provide flawlessly blended highlights in the same visit. Angela always stays on top of the trends and specializes in blonding services and acrylic nails!

Angela, do you have any pets? Way too many to list. But mostly a cat and 6 rabbits

What set of nails are you most proud of? I don’t have a favorite. But I do love to do chrome nails!

What is your fav salon snack? I mainly survive off Starbucks Sugar free drinks, and positive vibes!

Dawn A Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Aria Cape Coral

Dawn A – Hair Stylist | Nail Tech

About Dawn

Meet Dawn! She is a true jack of all traits!

Hair, nails, pedicures, and waxing. She does it all. She specializes in short cuts, color, and pedicures! She can meet your every need in just one visit!

Dawn, do you have any hobbies? Yes, I like to work out. I enjoy all workouts. I mostly do kickboxing, weight training and endurance. However, I dance every chance I get!

Out of all the services you perform, which is your favorite? A transformative color and cut. I like to make people feel good, whether it is a pedicure or color. I want to make people feel their most beautiful.

Yourself in one word? Loyal.

Alexis R - Nail Technician - Team Aria Cape Coral

Alexis R – Nail Tech

About Alexis

Alexis is an incredibly talented artist that can truly make your nail dreams come true. She specializes in all things’ nails! Acrylic, gel, hard gel, natural nails, and pedicures! You’ll never leave disappointed!

Alexis, what is your favorite part about nails? My favorite part of doing nails is all the nail art. Anything nail art. I love bringing people’s visions to life!

If you weren’t doing nails, what would you be doing? I would be a trophy wife/stay at home dog mommy!

What’s been your highlight of the year? The highlight of my year is always my vacations.

Brea - Nail Technician - Team Aria Cape Coral

Brea – Nail Tech

About Brea

Meet our nail tech Brea! A North Fort Myers local that has had a dream to be a nail tech since she graduated from high school.

She is so incredibly talented and loves to try anything new! She’s always looking for the next trendy thing!

Brea, what’s the best nail shape? The best nail shape is the nail shape that best suits you. I personally like pointed or stiletto. But if you want strong nails go for a squoval (square-oval).

Gel or regular polish? Gel, because it has more durability on natural nails and it’s better for nail art.

Yourself in one word? Creative

Luna R Lash tech , Makeup Artists, Aria Cape Coral

Luna R – Lash Tech | Makeup Artist

About Luna

Meet Luna! Originally from New York, Luna moved to Florida to be closer to her family and started doing lashes! Classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume; Luna specializes in all things lashes and makeup!

Luna, what are your favorite lashes to do? My favorite lashes to do are mega volume! I love the glamorous look and transformation!

Yourself in one word? Versatile

What makeup look are you most proud of? I did makeup for a wedding. A classic full glam with a red lip. Such a classic, so beautiful.

Suzanne Massage Therapist Aria Cape Coral

Suzanne – Massage Therapist

About Suzanne

Meet our massage therapist Suzanne!

She is a California trained massage therapist destined to make you relax and melt! This highly experienced massage therapist has decades of experience in a multitude of techniques so you will be transported to another place of relaxation. Be ready to float away…

Suzanne, why is massage important? I’m trained in massage for people of all ages from infants to geriatrics, so I can really say it’s beneficial for EVERYONE! Emotional stress can be cleared, once I get the muscles to relax the mobility of your movements become more open and you feel freer! That’s just to name a few.

What is the best massage for your first time? The one that works for you! Communicate to me what you need! If you are not sure where to start, a Swedish massage is always a good suggestion.

Do you have any hobbies? My hobbies include being addicted to my profession. I LOVE what I do, and I have been able to make a whole career out of it! This is what I was meant to do! So come experience bliss!

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